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Carnival of Love

I am fun, I am Imagination, I am Culture, I am...

It is one of the most vibrant events in Bhubaneswar, taking place annually on the first day of Anjali Festival. This year 14th November 2017 will see the streets of Bhubaneswar thronging with children from all across India dressed in fanciful costumes and accessories. Carnival will be packed with costume parades, live music, street performances by folk artists, and more at what is bound to be one of the biggest events of the year.1000 children from different parts of India and 3000 students and volunteers along with many others will be gathered in the streets of Bhubaneswar to see the dizzying heights of fantasy. All along the carnival route people will be waving and dancing with children. Water and lemon juice will be arranged all across the route.