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Anjali Camp

For five magical days in November, young participants are engaged and entertained by resource persons, celebrity visitors, hands-on arts activities, movies, games and city tours - devised to delight, challenge and spark imagination. The primary participants are children, teachers, families with children in age group 8-18 years (generally 14 years, but in case of the mentally challenged children it is extendable to 18 years) and school groups from class V-X. Students from various colleges are volunteers. Adults who came to the initial festivals as participants are also volunteers, creating a wonderful continuum and legacy.

Camp Activities

1. Workshops 

Anjali believes in inclusive and joyful learning- learning beyond the boundaries of classroom and knowledge that textbooks fail to provide. It is not about imposing rather helping children learn what they want. Anjali provides a platform and promotes this through various interactive workshops. The various workshops commonly organized are Photography, Terracotta and Pottery, Art and Craft, Fine Art, Theatre, Music, Dance and Magic.

2. Visit of Mainstream School Children

This activity aims at providing young children with the necessary understanding of children with disabilities, their challenges, strengths and capability to become equal citizens. It also aims at children’s understanding of inclusive society and acceptance of diversity. Experts interact with children, which is followed by workshop visit, experiencing challenges of disability, camp tour and participation in various fun activities.

3. Experiencing the Challenges of Disability

This is an integral aspect of Anjali, aiming to make the non disabled children and people aware of the challenges faced by persons with disabilities in their day to day life. This exercise of minutes provides a world of experience. They realize how difficult it is to live in a world of darkness, silence and move without legs.

4. Inter School Competitions

From science modeling, collage making to quiz; from music to dance, the festival encourages group competitions over solo performances to foster bonding among children. Generally competitions are held in song, classical dance, modern dance, quizzing, collage making and scientific model making. Students from many schools from twin city Bhubaneswar and Katak compete with campers.

5. Hobby Display

To encourage creative activities over idle gossip and TV watching, the festival encourages children to cultivate a bobby. The camp sees interesting collections from philately to pen collection in the many stalls of Anjali.

6. Festivals of Joy

The celebration of festivals at camp Anjali goes beyond the frontiers of religious ambit and regional boundaries. Besides being the reminiscence of our rich and hoary cultural heritage, these joyous celebrations bear witness to the humanitarian love- spontaneous and unconditional, the spirit of togetherness and as such an attempt for a society that accepts and accommodates each of us in a dignified manner…as we are and with the little differences we have.

7. Cultural Programs

The most interesting part of the evening is the cultural programs. A riveting presentation of songs, dances and plays captivate the audience. Every year quite a few talents are unearthed, some get a scholarship and others are promoted too.

8. Exhibitions

Scientific and cultural exhibitions add to the beauty of learning with joy.

9. Carnival of Love

Is held on the first day. As it moves through the city it distributed pamphlets on disability, held placards with quotes on empowering persons with disability and rights of children. It will be re-introduced as a regular feature in 2010. All along the carnival route people waved and danced with children.

10. Fun Unlimited

The underlying thread of all programs and activities is love and joy. Unbound fun glamorizes each and every event. Some other elements like magic show, game zone, star gazing, meeting celebrities, funny games, cartoons etc. are added every year.