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                                                           17th Anjali international Children's Festival

  A cherished festival of literary, creative and performing arts for young audiences, it has been educating, entertaining and inspiring young minds from across India since 2001 in the city of Bhubaneswar. Let your imagination and creative brilliance meet an explosion of color, adventure and fun at the 2017 ANJALI INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S FESTIVAL.You can enjoy a huge range of workshops, competitions, cultural programs, musical performances and exhibitions. 

We strive to present work that excites and challenges children of all ages, and the festival prides itself in its boundless energy and enthusiasm, laughter and whimsy, unending joy and fun. Neither the children nor the adults can ever forget it. No wonder from 77 children we have reached 40,000 in a small time period of 16 years. Our mission – to capture the imaginations, creative spirit and curiosity of children and youth.

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Join us from 14th to 17th November 2018, at Railway Auditorium to experience the delight, enchant and engage children.